Snapshots from a Wedding

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Snapshots from a Wedding

written by Gary Soto

reviewed by “Little Purple” (Grade 3)

Have you ever taken snapshots from a wedding? In Snapshots From a Wedding, a girl named Maya was a flower girl and took snapshots of the bride, broom, and when they kissed. The bride and the groom is Maya’s family. When the bride and the broom kissed, the people threw rice at them and Maya was catching the rice with her tongue.

I like this book because I loved the pictures and the background because it looks beautiful. The illustrator used dolls, boxes to put the dolls in, and lace for the background. Then she took pictures for the book. My favorite part was when Maya pushed black olives onto her fingers. It looked like she had black nails.

I think other children should read this book because it is a funny book. I recommend this book to K-12 graders or anyone who enjoys wedding books.