What is the Alligator Book Club?

The Alligator Book Club is a blog-style site where kids can publish reviews of their favorite books and read reviews by others. Kids of all ages are welcome to submit recommendations. We’re excited to help you spread the word about the books you love!

How did this all get started?

This site started with a small group of 4th graders reading Roald Dahl. We read George’s Marvelous Medicine and thought it was hilarious. We wanted to share the book with others so wrote and published book reviews to hang in the hall. But that wasn’t enough. We wanted to go global! So decided to publish them online. Within a few days our site went live!

Can any kid publish a book review?

Sure! Just click on the “Publish my Review!” tab at the top of the page. Then fill in the form and click submit. Your completed review will be instantly sent to the site administrator (Ms. S) who will then review it and post it to the blog as soon as humanly possible.


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