A Chair for My Mother

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A Chair for My Mother

Written Vera B. Williams
Reviewed by Badriya (grade 5)

Do you like to give your mom a gift? If you do I will tell you a story about a girl who wants to buy her mom a chair as a gift. In the girl’s house there was no sofa to sit on. So the girl decided to save money and buy a big beautiful chair for her mother. Every afternoon when the girl’s mom comes home back from work she empties her purse to give her daughter some coins. Grandma gets coins from bargains when she goes to shopping. One day the girl and her mom went to buy shoes and when they was coming back they saw some people screaming and running the girl and her mom run to see what was happening . When they got there they saw that there house was on fire . The girl and her mom remember that their grandma and their cat were in the house. After some time the fire man came and helped put out the fire. The girl, her mom and her grandma moved to a new apartment. When they moved to a new apartment they don’t have anything to put in their house. So their new neighbors got in a line to give them things to set up in thier house. They got lots of things but they didn’t get even one chair. Then one day the jar was full of coins. After they ate there supper they went to the bank and change the coins into paper money. They went to many different types of furniture shops. At last they found what type of chair they wanted. Then they call there aunt and uncle to take the beautiful chair home. The girl’s dream came true.

My favorite part of this story is when the girl sit on their new beautiful chair. I like this part of the because the girl’s dream came true. The girl worked hard to collect all the coins to buy a chair for her mother.

I like this book because it tells me that if you work hard your dream will come true. I would give this book five stars. I suggest that you to read this book because it is a good book.


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