Too Many Tamales

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Too Many Tamales

written by Gary Soto

reviewed by “N” (Grade 3)

In the beginning of Too Many Tamales Maria’s mother put down her ring, and then Maria picked up her ring and wore it on her thumb. Then her parents invited all of their family members. Then Maria realized that she lost the ring and then she started eating the tamales to find the ring. Will they find the ring or is the ring lost forever? Find out by reading Too Many Tamales.

My favorite part is when they ate the tamales because in the pictures the tamales look yummy. Also, their faces look creepy when they stared at the tamales. Finally, they showed their bellies when they were sick from eating too many. That was funny.

I recommend this book to someone who speaks Spanish because Maria and her family speak Spanish. Also, people who like to eat tamales would like this book. Finally, I recommend it to people who eat a lot. It will make you hungry.


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