Too Many Tamales

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Too Many Tamales

written by Gary Soto

reviewed by “Chato” (Grade 3)

Do you like tamales? In Too Many Tamales, a girl and her mom were cooking tamales. Maria is the girl and she and her mother make some tamales for a party. Her cousins come and they all are making tamales. Her mother went to go set up the decorations for the party. Maria’s mom took off the ring and Maria wears the ring. They lose it and they can’t find it. So they eat all the tamales. Guess what, they still don’t find the ring. When she couldn’t find the ring then she went to her mother and she said, “I lost your ring.” There is a surprise. I can’t tell you because if I tell you then I will give away the ending.

My favorite part is when they are making tamales because I love to eat tamales. I remember when we had a party and we were making tamales and everybody loved the tamales. So did I. We ate them all. There was no more so we had to make some more. They were gone by the time I got outside.

I recommend this book to third and fourth graders because I think that they will really like this book. Also, if you like books by Gary Soto then you will love this book. I love it myself.


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