George’s Marvelous Medicine

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George’s Marvelous Medicine

written by Roald Dahl

reviewed by “Jake” (Grade 4)

George’s Marvelous Medicine is about a boy named George and he is trying to make medicine for his grumpy old grandma. His grandma is an old wicked woman. George makes a medicine for his wicked grandma and tests it on his grandma. His grandma gets taller every second and skinnier. Mr. Kranky makes George make the medicine so he can become rich and famous.

A few of the characters are believable. George is believable because many children hate when their grandma is grumpy and wicked. Mrs. Kranky is believable because she wanted to save her mother. Mr. Kranky is unbelievable because fathers will not try to get rid of their mother.

I would rate George’s Marvelous Medicine a ten out of ten because it is funny and interesting. I like how the author made the book. I recommend this book to 3rd and 4th graders. I like the pictures of the book.


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