George’s Marvelous Medicine

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George’s Marvelous Medicine

written by Roald Dahl

reviewed by “Blue” (Grade 4)

George’s Marvelous Medicine is about when George is alone in the house with his grumpy grandma. When Grandma asked for tea and medicine, George thought about making her medicine. He does not like grandma because she’s mean so he tries to make medicine to cure her grouchiness. When Grandma drinks the medicine that George made weird stuff happens! Read the book to find out.

George is a believable character because the author said little boys don’t get into mischief. George’s mom said not to get into mischief but George really did get in mischief.  Kids his age do that. The medicine is not believable because of the results that happened.

I would rate George’s Marvelous Medicine a 10 out of 10 because it is so funny. I like when the author uses made-up products and words. I wondered what it would feel like if I made that kind of medicine. I would give it to my brother because he is really crabby sometimes. Find out what the medicine does.


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